447 Woodbury Road – 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom Spanish style home in the Woodbury neighborhood, Glendale, CA 91206

Just listed: 447 Woodbury Road, Glendale, CA 91206

Welcome to a picture perfect Spanish Revival in a desirable neighborhood in Glendale. This light & bright 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home in the Woodbury neighborhood features a custom kitchen with a large kitchen island, two balconies & large backyard entertaining space making this home a rare find. This well maintained home welcomes you & immediately instills a feeling of warmth & serenity with large living spaces, rich colored wood floors & loads of character. The kitchen & dining room feature a large balcony entered through french doors while the master suite features a fireplace and its own private balcony. Other details include beamed ceilings, step down formal living room & direct access from within the house to the garage.

Listed at $750,000

3 bedrooms  –  3 bathrooms  |  2,070 sq ft house (taped)  –  5,511 sq ft lot (assessor)  |  year built: 1925

Open Saturday and Sunday 01/24 & 25/15  from 2-4pm.

For more detailed information, visit www.447woodbury.com or contact Brandon Road by calling 626-502-7623

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A great opportunity! Just listed in Sparr Heights in Glendale at 3528 Las Palmas

Just listed in Sparr Heights

Located at 3528 Las Palmas, this charming 3 bedroom 1.5 bath, California Bungalow is waiting for someone to come make it their own.

If you don’t know where Sparr Heights is, it is one of the area’s best kept secrets. Located just south of Honolulu Avenue and Montrose, makes it easily accessible to all that Honolulu Avenue has to offer with quick access to the rest of LA with the 210 to the North and 2 Fwy to the East.

Listed at $599,000 | 3 bedrooms | 1.5 Bathrooms | 1,224 sq ft (per assessor) | 6,582 sq ft lot (per assessor) | Built in 1927

For more information, visit the property website or call me at 626-502-7623.

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3241 Sparr Blvd, Glendale – 3 bed, 3 bath Listing by Brandon Road in Montecito Park

I just listed 3241 Sparr Boulevard in Glendale this week in desirable Montecito Park in Glendale for $879,000.

If you are unfamiliar with Montecito Heights or Glendale, it is located adjacent to Sparr Heights and just South of Honolulu, that great street in Montrose!

This 3 bed 3 bath is a light & airy home that welcomes you & immediately instills a feeling of style & serenity with light filled living areas, wood floors & a fluid floor plan. Amenities include a remodeled kitchen with granite countertops & stainless kitchen appliances, dual pane windows & more. Elevated from the street, this home gives you the feeling of being in the treetops with ample windows & multiple french doors leading to the outdoors. The living space is enjoyed by a comfortable floorplan incorporating the family room, living & dining areas flowing to the next. The master suite features a large closet, custom bathroom with dual sink & large shower. The long walkway at the side of the house leads from the living room to the grassy backyard also accessed from the rear bedroom via french doors.

I’ll be there Sunday from 1-4pm if you’d like to come by and see it. If you have any questions, please call me at 626-502-7623.

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September Aaroe Market Reports for Pasadena and surrounding communities

The September 2014 Aaroe Market Report is out.Aaroe_Market_Report_Sept_2014_Pasadena_Area

Some interesting data on the local sales volume, prices and inventory. The data is mixed as we have been seeing in the marketplace, but as

whole, the upward trend continues. See the full market report here.

If you have any questions about your local market, home prices or what your home may be worth, give me a call today at 626-502-7623.

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July 2014 Aaroe Market Reports for Pasadena and the Western San Gabriel Valley

The July Pasadena area Aaroe market report for 2014 had a couple of interesting indications:

  1. Inventory is picking up with more homes for sale
  2. Prices are continuing to rise overall
  3. San Marino and South Pasadena prices and inventory have flattened

Buyers are continuing to have a hard time with lack of inventory. Though the Pasadena area summer selling season has brought more inventory, it has also brought more competition. There are still many cash transactions and that trend does not seem to be going away anytime soon.

The threat of rate hikes seems to be subdued at the moment with recent lows in rates. However, as the fed continues to tapper its bond purchases and looks to next year to raise interest rates, mortgage rates are likely to rise in the coming months.

If you want advice on your real estate portfolio or have any questions about what the market is doing, what your property is worth or purchasing a new property, email me at b.road@theroadconnection.com.

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Aaroe Market Report on Home Sales in Pasadena & Surrounding Communities YTD – June 2014

The Aaroe Market Report indicates that the real estate market in the Pasadena area remains robust with prices rising and generally higher sales volume.  While inventory has Aaroe_market_report_for_San_Gabriel_Valley-06-14been low since the beginning of the year, the summer season seems to be bringing out more sellers. With a little additional inventory there is a glimmer of hope for inventory levels to start catching up with demand.

We still continue to see multiple offers with many  buyers becoming frustrated with fierce competition, while overpriced or “quirky” properties tend to take longer to sell and often end up selling at a discount.

If you are thinking about buying or selling your home, it is important that you get a pulse and clear picture of what the market is doing. Contact me today or call me at 626-502-7623 to find out what is behind the numbers and what you can expect when selling or buying your new home in the Pasadena area.

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Why do I need a Realtor to buy a home in Pasadena?

How can a Realtor possibly help you with simply buying a home? The short answer, it is not that simple to just buy a home.Why do I need a Realtor to buy a home in Pasadena?

Over the years when I have met new buyers I have become accustomed to explaining what I do and what the sales process is. I rarely do this all in one sitting because it is simply too much to dump on someone explaining contingencies, qualifications, negotiation, values, psychology, logistics . . . all in the first meeting. So I came up with a few key reasons why you need a Realtor to by a home in Pasadena, or anywhere for that matter.

You can hire a professional to work for you, for FREE!

That’s right. As a buyer, you can have a dedicated professional put in many hours, drive you around, be your personal adviser and go to bat for you, all for free. How is this possible? As a buyer’s agent, we Realtors are paid when an escrow closes by the seller via the cooperating broker. Part of the cost of selling a home is paying commissions which are split between the Listing Agent (the agent selling the home) and the Selling Agent or Buyer’s Agent (agent representing the buyer).

A buyers agent walks you through the process from “I would like to buy a house” to “here are your keys” and everything in between.

Would you have a plumber perform your bypass surgery?

Of course you wouldn’t because you are not going to trust your life with someone who handles a whole different type of tubing for their livelihood. The same should be true with your investments. With regard to Real Estate, you need a sales professional who lives and breathes Real Estate and who understands the lingo, the area, the processes and the market. A buyers agent walks you through the entire purchase process from “I would like to buy a house” to “here are your keys” and everything in between.

If you can have a Pasadena area specialist working for you, why not?!

To have a Realtor who represents you and your interests with a fiduciary duty of utmost care, integrity and honesty representing you in your home search and purchase is an often over looked advantage. As a Realtor, we are obligated to represent you and your best interests. It is part of our code of ethics and part of our legal obligation. This is where trust comes into play. If I represent you as a buyer, I am working for free for you until you actually buy a house. In addition, I have an obligation to work for your best interests whether or not you buy a house. In return, I only ask for loyalty in working with me and being honest about your intentions and ability to buy a home.

I hope this sheds some light on the basics and helps you understand why you need a Realtor to buy a home in the Pasadena area or wherever you may be looking to buy a home. If you want to discuss more about what I can do to help you in your home search in the Pasadena area, please write me at b.road@theroadconnection.com, fill out a contact form or call me at 626-502-7623.


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188 North Madison Avenue #33 – 3bed, 2.5 bath, Pasadena Townhouse Style Condo near the Playhouse District

This light and bright, south facing Mediterranean style 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse style condo is both convenient and functional. Located near the Playhouse District in Pasadena, this home offers many conveniences of modern living such as: lushly landscaped and secure common area, open living area opening to the kitchen with an eating counter within close proximity to the dining area and separate door and stairs for easy grocery access.

Other features include a master suite, ample closets, recessed lighting, side-by-side washer/dryer and abundant sun light. The lower level includes an ATTACHED private 2-car garage, with direct access into the unit when your car conveniently accesses the garage via Madison or El Molino. Close proximity to local Pasadena Metro stop, shops, super market, restaurants, movies and more!

See the property website

To schedule a viewing or find out open house times, call me at 626-502-7623 or contact me.

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10 Things NOT to do when applying for a new home loan

Daniel Arias at Madison Lending who I have been working with for the last 6+ years, sent me this great list of 10 things NOT to do when applying for a home loan. I have seen purchases be derailed by buyers doing some of these things. If you would like to know what else you need to do or not to do in your next home purchase or sale, please let me know.

10 Things not to do when applying for a home loan

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Buying a home in the Pasadena area during the holidays; Is it a good time?

When buying a house in the Pasadena area, most of my clients want the house that fits their needs, taste and hopefully,  a good deal. All of this can be accomplished during the holidays!  Many of my clients’ best deals happened during the holidays.holiday_candles

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Less Competition

During the holidays, many buyers “take a break” from the house hunt to be with family, go out of town or simply to take a break from the competitive market we find ourselves in. Pasadena also has the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl that further distracts buyers from their home search. This is a great opportunity for those willing to stick with it!

2.  More Leverage in Negotiations

Some sellers have to sell. Not everyone has the luxury or desire to wait until everyone is done with their holiday festivities and camping out on Colorado Blvd. There may be a job relocation out of the Pasadena area, financial hardship and a number of other reasons why a seller may be “desperate” to sell and you may be the buyer they are looking for to help them sell their house. In this case, you are likely to get a discount if you are one of the few interested parties in their house.

3.  You See Houses at Their Best

During the holidays, people decorate their houses and thousands of people come into the Pasadena area to enjoy the festivities and celebrate with family. This brings out the best in people and often their homes. As a buyer, you have the opportunity to experience the home you are potentially going to buy at its best, during a celebration.  This is an opportunity to see the warmth of the home and allows you to imagine you enjoying your next holiday season in the house.

I always enjoy the holiday season with my family and I always enjoy helping others find their biggest holiday present, a new home!

If you want to get started on your holiday home shopping, give me a call today at 626-502-7623.
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