What Can Go Wrong if the Buyer Takes Early Possession?

Before buyers move into their new homes, escrow needs to close. That means all conditions and contingencies in the contract need to be met within a certain time frame, and all necessary documents must be signed by the closing date specified in the purchase agreement. At that point, buyers will get the keys to their new abode and are free to move in.

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What Can Sellers Do if the Buyer Backs Out of the Deal?

The selling process can definitely be intense and even overwhelming at times. After all, we’re talking about a massive investment. There are plenty of efforts made to find the right buyer who is qualified and interested in buying your home, but even after you think you’ve found the right buyer that will see the deal through, there’s still a chance that they may back out.

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What Are Reasonable Requests to Make After a Home Inspection?

The odds of problems being uncovered during a home inspection are pretty high, no matter how minor. Just about every house has some issues, even new ones. It’s pretty common for buyers to make repair requests with the seller, especially if certain problems are more significant than others. But while some requests may be reasonable, others are not.

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The Seller Accepted Your Offer: Can You Still Back Out?

You’ve found a home that you’ve fallen in love with, submitted an offer, and it was accepted by the seller! It should be time to celebrate, but shortly after you celebrate your accepted offer, something causes you to have second thoughts. Is it too late to back out?

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Top 7 Things Home Inspectors Are Looking For

One of the most common – and important – contingencies that buyers insert in their real estate contracts is the home inspection. Without it, buyers will never have a chance to identify any major underlying issues with a home before they buy it.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 14 Things To Do During Your Final Wall-Through

After offer acceptance, anything can happen during escrow, and you don’t want to be stuck with issues that you didn’t agree to adopt. Here are some critical things you should be doing during that extremely important final walk-through.

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How to Get Your Home Ready For the Fall Selling Season

With the housing market being as hot as it is across the Golden State, there’s really no bad time to sell. If you think you ‘missed’ your window of opportunity to sell in the spring or summer, autumn is just a good season as any other to put your home on the market.

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How is a New Home in an Old Neighborhood Valued?

When it comes to valuing homes, the key is to compare them to other properties that are very similar in a number of ways. Real estate professionals typically look at other homes that are similar in location, style, size, design, and age compared to the subject property in order to get an accurate idea of the home’s value. In addition, only homes that have been recently sold should be looked at, as market conditions can fluctuate very quickly.

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What's the Difference Between a Mortgage Broker and Direct Lender?

When it’s time for you to apply for a mortgage, where do you turn to in order to get one? Should you work with a mortgage broker, or a direct lender? Or are they even the same thing?

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INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Things Real Estate Agents Do For Buyers

Your agent has a lengthy list of things that they do from the start of a real estate transaction to closing of escrow. Here are just a handful of things that your buyer real estate agent will do for you.

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